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What are the benefits of massage/bodywork?


By taking better care of our physical bodies, we see huge improvements in many facets of our lives. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has done numerous studies looking at how we hurt ourselves. Not only can we harm ourselves, and our relationship with others, we also do our jobs more poorly. Look at this study which shows how much impact stress can have on us in the workplace:

By not relaxing our bodies, and carrying around more stress and aggravation, we take a toll on ourselves. Our body needs time to relax, in order to heal itself.

By not allowing yourself to relax, you are making your body work harder, and this puts much more stress on your central nervous system, as well as your heart and other organs.

Your nerves need time to regenerate and heal, and without allowing them to relax, they also do not process the electronic impulses which govern our inner regulatory system. All these facets are just some parts of the whole that is YOU.

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“Vanity provides a quiet, safe, healing environment that makes your massage not just a massage, but a restful, healing of your mind, body and soul.  She provides therapeutic massage on a higher level than we’ve ever experienced before!”

Sandra W., R.N.

Mike W., R.T.


“Two and a half years ago, Vanity was recommended to us by a health care professional.  Since that time, we have seen Vanity on a weekly basis.  These are no ordinary “feel-good” massages.  Vanity is so incredibly knowledgeable regarding our medical conditions that she is able to adapt therapeutic massage techniques to address and relieve muscle pain, tension and soreness.  We credit her with our markedly improved health and well-being.  In addition, I will always appreciate her kindness, understanding and empathy she showed my mother – and the hours of relief my mother enjoyed following Vanity’s visit.


There is an old saying that “you get what you pay for”.  Vanity is well worth every penny – and then some!”

Marla Hackman, B.S., M.Ed.

David B. Hackman, B.S., M.S., PhD.


“I was referred to Vanity in 2005, as I was struggling with the daily challenges and pain of a chronic auto-immune disease.  Vanity is a gifted healer.  Her therapeutic massage techniques facilitated my process of feeling better and better.  I moved from being in pain everyday to living a full, active life.  I was able to taper off the harmful medication I was taking.  Vanity has an intuitive ability to “meet you where you are at” in life, no matter where that place may be.  I would highly recommend her!”

Ren Udall


“I have been seeing Vanity since 2003.  I started out seeing her because I was suffering with headaches.  As I get older, I find getting a massage every week helps 85% of my body be pain-free, which gives me the freedom to live my life and do all I want, everyday.”

Sue K.


“As a client of Vanity’s for several years, I have noticed a sizable difference in my overall well-being.  Vanity’s approach to her clients is unlike a traditional massage therapist.  She is very intuitive and always identifies and addresses my specific issues.   Her approach to the whole person provides a complete experience.  She is not only a skilled massage therapist, she is a true healer.”


Rebecca Moller