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Individual Rates (per session):


60 minutes              $70.00

90 minutes              $90.00


Or you can SAVE MONEY with my discount packages!!


You can choose:

  4 - 60 minute sessions for                 $250.00 (Save $30.00!!)

  4 - 90 minute sessions for                 $330.00 (Save $30.00!!)


If you have a group of family or friends who want to get together and combine your funds, I offer a Family/Group package of 6 – 60 minute sessions for $350.00 (which is one COMPLETELY free massage). The only condition is that all 6 MUST be used within 4 weeks, and that there are a minimum of 2 people involved.


Corporate Rates:


These massages are performed on my table in my office, or yours, and are done completely clothed. For these appointments, I do require that there be a 1 hour minimum of time, or at least 3 people involved. If traveling to you, I do charge an additional fee.


20 minutes              $20.00

30 minutes              $30.00

60 minutes              $60.00


Other services:


I also offer Ear Candling, which is a gentle holistic technique to clean the ear canal. This enhances the health of the ears, sinuses, throat, and upper respiratory system. All these benefits for only $45.00


If you are unable to come to me, I do travel to you, for an additional fee of $25.00



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To contact us:

Phone: (520) 299-7300